World Humanitarian Day 2020 “Celebrating local heroes” – The Big Smile Foundation, Nigeria

This World Humanitarian Day 19th August 2020, Charter4Change wish to pay tribute to all our #localheroes who demonstrate local capacity. Charter4Change wish to see the humanitarian aid system effectively reflecting a shared humanity, solidarity in diversity and equal dignity among people.

Local humanitarian workers are real life heroes, who struggle to preserve the life of others by putting their own lives on the line. Today more than ever before, it seems, humanitarian crisis abounds everywhere in their diverse forms and shapes. #LocalHeroes like the ones represented in the blogs below are humanitarians who defy all odds, make extraordinary sacrifices amidst heighten insecurity from Northeast Nigeria to Afghanistan.

Nigeria / The Big Smile Foundation

The Big Smile Foundation is a humanitarian organization that focuses on improving Education and general living standards of children (girls and boys), Adolescent girls and boys, women and the family. Since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the organization has been working tirelessly with children in IDP camps to make sure that they do not miss out from learning despite schools being closed.

The project (I Read and Learn COVID-19 Initiative) has benefited over 200 school aged children in the past 3 months and we hope to add more children to the numbers.

The Big Smile Foundation, Nigeria

One thought on “World Humanitarian Day 2020 “Celebrating local heroes” – The Big Smile Foundation, Nigeria

  1. Keep pushing. The odds will remain in your favor and I hope sponsors see you guys soon. More powers to your elbows.


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