Localisation of Humanitarian Aid

An initiative, led by both National and International NGOs, to practically implement changes to the way the Humanitarian System operates to enable more locally-led response

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The Charter

We the undersigned organisations, working in humanitarian action welcome the extensive consultations and discussions which have been generated during the World Humanitarian Summit process. We believe that now is the time for humanitarian actors to make good on some of the excellent recommendations arising through the WHS process by committing themselves to deliver change within their own organisational ways of working so that southern-based national actors can play an increased and more prominent role in humanitarian response.

In the case of international NGO signatories we commit our organisations to implement the following 8 point Charter for Change.

In the case of southern-based NGOs working in partnership with international NGOs we endorse and support this Charter for Change. We will be holding our international NGO partners which have signed this Charter to account and asking those which are not signatories to this Charter to work towards signing up:

The Charter can be downloaded in English, French, Arabic, Nepali and Spanish.



The Charter for Change includes 8 Commitments that INGOs agree to implement, to address imbalances and inequality in the global humanitarian system.

Direct Funding

Commit to pass 25% of humanitarian funding to National NGOs


Reaffirm principles of partnership


Publish the amount or percentage of funding that is passed to NNGOs


Address and prevent the negative impact of recruiting NNGO staff during emergencies


Emphasise the importance of national actors to humanitarian donors


Address subcontracting and ensure equality in decision-making


Provide robust organisational support and capacity building


Promote the role of local actors to media and public

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We Need Localisation

The call from our endorsers and signatories is that the Humanitarian System needs to be more Locally-led. Ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit in May we will be running a photo campaign to let World Leaders know why Localisation is important for all those involved in Humanitarian Action.

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 Send us a photo, with your name and organisation, by clicking the button below, to join the campaign to tell World Leaders at the Summit why we need Localisation:

We Need Localisation Because…