Recent Charter4Change publications and reports:

Covid-19 and ‘Localisation’ Survey Results and Policy Brief on ‘Supporting Local and National Responders During Covid-19 and Beyond’

[Independent research liaised with C4C]

C4C Open Letter to Jan Egeland July 2021

C4C Spotlight 2021 – Summary from the C4C Annual Progress Report 2021

C4C Joint analysis and recommendations for the GB Annual Meeting 2021

“Walking the talk! Moving from commitments to action in Philippines 5 years since the World Humanitarian Summit”

Philippines Country level dialogue led by the Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits (ECOWEB) in collaboration with the UN OCHA, OXFAM Philippines, A4EP and the UNRC office

Charter4Change and NEAR event at Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks 2021 Session – Centring local leadership in humanitarian coordination – A dialogue between national civil society networks and international coordination actors

Charter4Change recommendations on Grand Bargain 2.0

C4C-DRC Advocacy Note for the Localisation of Humanitarian Aid

The Future of Charter4Change paper

Charter4Change Annual Meeting 2020 Communiqué

Strategic Plan of the C4C-DRC country-level group in Democratic Republic of Congo 2021-2023

Charter4Change Endorsers Survey Report 2020

Charter for Change Annual Meeting, 8-10 December 2020 Brochure

Charter of Accountability of Endorsers (COA)

Ways Forward for the Grand Bargain – Charter4Change and A4EP recommendations Sept 2020

C4C Annual Progress Report 2020

Open Letter to International Humanitarian Donors on World Humanitarian Day from the C4C Working Group in Uganda

Letter to C4C signatories from C4C endorsers in taking forward the Charter4Change commitments in Signatories’ response to COVID-19

Humanitarian Funding, Partnerships and Coordination in the COVID-19 crisis: Perspectives from local women-led organisations and women’s rights organisations – Joint Agency Policy Brief

‘From Geneva to Goma’ Charter for Change Annual Progress Report 2019-2020 – Preview of findings

‘Towards Risk Sharing – Risk Management and Localisation in the Covid19 response and beyond’, 11th June 2016, co-hosted by Charter4Change, KUNO, Dutch Relief Alliance, Global Interagency Security Forum, CAFOD and CORDAID

Highlights and Ways Forward: Synopsis of Grand Bargain Signatories’ Achievements and Challenges Implementing their Grand Bargain WS 2 Commitments on Localisation 2020


Past Charter4Change publications and reports:

Other useful resources on the localisation of humanitarian aid:




Human Resources:

World Humanitarian Summit:

Country and Context Case Studies:

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