The Charter for Change is endorsed and supported by a number of southern-based NGOs listed below*:

Access Development Services (India)

ACT Alliance (Global)

Action Africa Help International (AAH-I) (Kenya)

Action d’Encadrement des Jeunes Femmes pour le Développement Durable (AEJFDC) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Action Des Volontaires Pour La Solidarite Et Le Developpement (AVSD) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Action for Advocacy and Development Sierra Leone (AAD-SL) (Sierra Leone)

Action for Development (AFD) (Cambodia)

Action for Human Rights and Education Initiative-Uganda (AHEDI-UG) (Uganda)

Action for Improvement of Food Child and Mother (AFICM) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Action for Integrated Sustainable Development Association (AISDA) (Ethiopia)

Actions Paysannes Pour Le Developpement Et La Conservation De La Nature (APDCN) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Action for Sustainable Change (AFOSC-Kenya) (Kenya)

Action for Women and Awakening in Rural Environment (AWARE Uganda) (Uganda)

Action Entraide (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Action Hope Malawi (AHM) (Malawi)

Action pour la Paix et la Concorde (APC) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Action Pour la Promotion de la Santé de la Mère et de L’Enfant (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Actions Pour la Promotion Agricole et Sanitaire (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Action pour la Protection de la Santé Humaine, Animale et Végétale (APROSHAV) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Action Pour le Volontariat à Dubreka (Guinea)

Active Citizen South Sudan (ACSS) (South Sudan)

Adamawa Peace Initiative (Nigeria)

ADES – Agences de Développent Economique et Social ONG (Chad)

Adeso (Kenya)

Adilet (Kyrgyz Republic)

Adonai Health and Development Foundation (ADADEF) (Nigeria)

Advocate For Social Justice and Development Sierra Leone (ASJD SL) (Sierra Leone)

Adult Literacy Centre (Malawi)

Afri-Youth Network (Uganda)

Africa Development Aid (ADA) (South Sudan)

Africa Humanitarian Action (Ethiopia)

Africa Peace Service Corps (Kenya, Nigeria & Tanzania)

African Children’s Voice (Democratic Republic of Congo)

African Women and Youth Action for Development (AWYAD) (Uganda)

Agency for Community Sanitation and Sustainability (ACOSS) (Uganda)

Agency for Peace Initiatives and Inclusive Development (APID) (Kenya)

Agency For Women And Children Development (AWACD) (South Sudan)

Agile Plan To Integrated Resilience For Girls, Women And Youth (APIR TURKANA) (Kenya)

Agile Internationale (Guinea)

Aides aux Personnes Démunies (APED) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Airavati (Myanmar)

Akkar Network for Development (Lebanon)

Amani Initiative (Uganda)

Amel Association (Lebanon)

American University of Nigeria (Nigeria)

Amity Public Safety Academy (Philippines)

Amity Volunteer Fire Brigade (Philippines)

AMPLIFY GIRLS (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda)

AMUDECO (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Anchalik Gram Unnayan Parishad (AGUP) (India)

Anglican Development Services (ADS) North Rift (Kenya)

Applied Research Institute (Occupied Palestinian Territory)

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) – Legal Aid (Jordan)

Arable International (Kenya)

Ard El-Insan (AEI), Palestinian Benevolent Association (Occupied Palestinian Territory)

Arid Land Development Focus (Kenya)

Arua District NGO Network (ADINGON) (Uganda)

Arysh (Public Association) (Kyrgyz Republic)

Asegis Environment Protection Organization (Kenya)

Ashroy Foundation (Bangladesh)

Assistance and Cooperation for Community Resilience and Development, Inc. (ACCORD, Inc.) (Philippines)

Assistance for Humanitarian Missions-International (AHMI) (Uganda)

Asociación Benposta Nacion de Muchachos (Colombia)

Asociación de Desarrollo Agrícola y Microempresarial (ADAM) (Guatemala)

Asociacion para la Educacion y el Desarrollo (ASEDE) (Guatemala)

Association Congo Amkeni ASBL (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Association des Acteurs de Développement (ADEV) (Cameroon)

Association of Civil Society Development Centre (STGM) (Turkey)

Association Culturelle pour la Conscientisation de Masse (ACCM) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Association de Développement pour la Paix et la Reconstruction en République Démocratique du Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Association des Facilitateurs pour le Développement Intégré (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Association des Femmes du Secteur des Industries Extractives du Niger (AFSIEN) (Niger)

Association des Volontaires pour le Rattrapage du Développement (AVORAD) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Association for Integrated Development (AID-COMILLA) (Bangladesh)

Association for Rural Poor (Bangladesh)

Association Locale pour le Developpement Integral (ALDI) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Association Nigérienne pour le Traitement de la Délinquance et la prévention du crime (ANTD) (Niger)

Association Tunisienne De Défense des droits de l’enfant (Tunisia)

Association of Voluntary Actions for Society (AVAS) (Bangladesh)

Astha Sansthan (India)

ASVSS (India)

Atoo Consultative Development Organization (ACDO) (Kenya)

Bader Charity Organization (Turkey)

Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha (BTS) (India)

Bakra Ahla Association for Relief and Development (BARD) (Syria)

Balaod Mindanaw (Philippines)

Bangladesh Model Youth Parliament (Protiki Jubo Sangsad) (BMYP) (Bangladesh)

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (Bangladesh)

Barokupot Ganochetona Foundation (Bangladesh)

Basic Services Developing Agency (BASEDA) (Malawi)

Basmeh & Zeitooneh (B&Z) (Lebanon, Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan)

Balay Rehabilitation Center (Philippines)

BENENFANCE (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Beyond Aid and Relief (BeAR) (South Sudan)

Blessed Community Empowerment Organization (BLEC) (Kenya)

Bon Dieu Dans La Rue (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Building Foundation for Development (BFD) (Yemen)

Bureau Ecuménique d’Appui au Développement (BOAD) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Bureau d’Informations, Formations, Échanges et Recherches pour le Développement (BIFERD) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

CAF India (India)

Canada Africa Partnership on AIDS Uganda (CAP-AIDS) (Uganda)

Care and Assistance For Forced Migrants (CAFOMI) (Uganda)

Care for the Physically Challenged and Destitute Foundation (CAPCADF) (Nigeria)

Caritas Arua Diocese (Uganda)

Caritas Bangladesh (Bangladesh)

Caritas Butembo-Beni (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Caritas Developpement Niger (CADEV-Niger) (Niger)

Caritas Developpement Goma (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Caritas Kitui – CDOK (Kenya)

Caritas Kotido Diocese (Uganda)

Caritas Lebanon (Lebanon)

Caritas Moroto Diocese (Uganda)

Caritas Nepal (Nepal)

Caritas Nigeria (Nigeria)

Caritas Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)

Caritas Ukraine (Ukraine)

Caritas Uvira (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Cash Learning Partnership (Global)

Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECOM) (Malawi)

CEDERU (Democratic Republic of Congo)

CENADEP (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Centre de Développment Intégral de l’Enfant Rural (CEDIER) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Centre for Development and Disaster Management Support Service (India)

Center for Disaster Preparedness Foundation (Philippines)

Centre for Legal Empowerment (Kenya)

Center for Protection of Children (Kyrgyz  Republic)

Center for Social Integrity (CSI Global) (Myanmar)

Center for Support of International Protection (Kyrgyz Republic)

Centre for Youth and Development (CYD) (Malawi)

Center of Resilient Development (Nepal)

Centre Afrika Obota (CAO) (Niger)

Centre for Community Education Network and Development (CCEND) (Sierra Leone)

Centre for Enhancing Democracy and Good Governance (CEDGG) (Kenya)

Centre de Recherche Jurisconsulte (CRJ) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Centre OLAME (DRC)

Centro de Promocion y Cultura (CPC) (Colombia)

Centro Intereclesial de Estudios Teologicos y Sociales (CIEETS) (Nicaragua)

Centre de Promotion Socio-Sanitaire (CEPROSSAN) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Child’s Destiny and Development Organization (CHIDDO) (South Sudan)

Childreach (Nepal)

Children Initiative for Peace Organization (CHIPO) (Uganda)

Children’s Mission Africa (CMA) (Kenya)

Children Organization for Peace Outreach and Development (COPOD) (South Sudan)

Children’s Voice (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Christian Recovery and Development Agency (CRADA) (South Sudan)

Churches Action in Relief and Development (CARD) (Malawi)

Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (India)

Church of Uganda Teso Dioceses Planning and Development Office (CoU-TEDDO) (Uganda)

Civil Resource Development and Documentation Center (CIRDDOC) (Nigeria)

Civil Society Empowerment Network (CEN) (Afghanistan)

Coalition for Health Agriculture and Income Networks (CHAIN) (Uganda)

Coastal Association for Social Transformation Trust (Bangladesh)

CODEVAH (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Collectif des Associations Feminines (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Comité d’Appui au Développement Rural Endogène (CADRE) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Comite De Developpement Local – CODEL UMOJA WETU (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Comite de Pilotage des Actions Humanitaires – OICHA (CoPi-RDC) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Communauté Baptiste au centre de l’Afrique (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Communities in Development Activities (COIDA) (Malawi)

Community Action for Human Security (CAHSec) (Sierra Leone)

Community Development Network (CODNET) (Uganda)

Community Development Support Services (CDSS) (South Sudan)

Community Empowerment for Creative Innovation (CECI) (Uganda)

Community Empowerment for Peace and Development (CEPAD) (Uganda)

Community Empowerment Network (CENET) (Uganda and South Sudan)

Community Empowerment Network (COMEN) (Nigeria)

Community Empowerment and Rehabilitation Initiative for Development (CERID) (Uganda)

Community Empowerment for Rural Development (CEFORD) (Uganda)

Community Empowerment for Transformation Action – West Nile (CEFTRA-WN) (Uganda)

Community Initiative Facilitation and Assistance Ethiopia (Ethiopia)

Community Initiative for Peace and Children Foundation (CIPCF) (Sierra Leone)

Community Initiative for Prosperity and Advancement (CIPA) (Uganda)

Community Uplift Program (CUP) (Pakistan)

Community World Service Asia (Pakistan)

Concepts for Community Programmes (CCP) (Somalia)

Concertación Regional para la Gestión del Riesgo (CRGR) (Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador)

Conflict Transformation for Development (CTD) (Kenya and South Sudan)

Congo Men’s Network (COMEN) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Congo Organisation Pour le Développement, l’Education et la Protection de l’Environnement (COODEPE) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA) (Ethiopia)

Consortium of Cooperating Partners (COCOP) (Kenya)

Constitution and Reform Education Consortium (CRECO) (Kenya)

Convention Pour Le Bien Etre Social (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Coordination, Rehabilitation and Development Service (Afghanistan)

Cordillera Disaster Response and Development Services (CorDisRDS) (Philippines)

Corporacion Manigua (Colombia)

Cox’s Bazar Environment, Human Rights & Development Forum (CEHRDF) (Bangladesh)

Concertation Paysanne Pour Le Developpement Endogene (CPDE) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

CRONGD/NK (Democratic Republic of Congo)

CRUDAN (Nigeria)

Dandelion Africa (Kenya)

Darbar Sahitya Sansada (DSS) (India)

Delta Africa (Kenya)

Develop Salone (DESAL) (Sierra Leone)

Developmental Action without Borders/Naba’a (Lebanon)

Development Centre for Orientation, Discovery and Empowerment (DeCODE) (Nigeria)

Development Project Service Centre-Nepal (DEPROSC) (Nepal)

Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) (Bangladesh)

Dignified Children International (DCI) (Kenya)

DIKO (Niger)

Diocesan Development Services North Karamoja (DDS-NK) (Uganda)

Diocese of Lodwar, Caritas Lodwar (DOL) (Kenya) 

Down Syndrome Foundation Uganda (DOSFU) Ltd. (Uganda)

Dynamic Agro-Pastoralist Development Organization (DADO) (Uganda)

Dynamique de Femmes Engagées pour un Environnement Sain et Durable (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Dynamique Paysanne Féminine (Democratic Republic of Congo)

East Jerusalem YMCA – Women’s Training Program (Occupied Palestinian Territory)

ECC MERU (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Economic Empowerment and Human Rights Sierra Leone (EEHR-SL) (Sierra Leone)

Eco-Social Development Organization (ESDO) (Bangladesh)

Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits (ECOWEB), Inc. (Philippines)

Education Local Expertise Center Uganda (ELECU) (Uganda)

Effective Life Vision (EL Vision) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Eglise Evangélique Luthérienne au Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Elohim Development Association (Uganda)

emBOLDen Alliances (USA)

Emergency Pastoralist Assistance Group – Kenya (Kenya)

Engineering Association for Development & Environment (EADE) (Iraq)

Environment and Child Concern Organization Nepal (ECO-Nepal) (Nepal)

Ethiopian Guenet Church Development & Welfare Organization (Ethiopia)

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church-Child and Family Affairs Organization (EOTC-CFAO) (Ethiopia)

Evowa Association (Gabon)

Facilitating Action for Community Empowerment (FACE) (South Sudan)

Faith Alive Foundation (FAF) (Nigeria)

Fédération des groupements des jeunes pasteurs et agropasteurs (FEGJAP) (Niger)

Feminature Uganda (Uganda)

Femmes Actions et Développement (FAD) (Niger)

FONAHD RDC (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Fondation Pour l’Action Rurale et Urbaine de Développement Intégrale (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Food for the Hungry Philippines (FHP) (Philippines)

Forum Bangun Aceh (Indonesia)

Forum for Awareness and Youth Activity (FAYA) (Nepal)

Forum For Kalongo Parish Women Association (FOKAPAWA) (Uganda)

Foundation for Community and Capacity Development (FOCCAD) (Malawi)

Foundation for Rural Development (Pakistan)

Foundation for Urban and Rural Advancement (FURA) (Uganda)

Friends of Lake Turkana (Kenya)

Fundacion Tierra de Paz (Colombia)

FUPRODI (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Future Foundation Feminist Development (F.F.F.D) (Yemen)

Gana Unnayan Kendra (GUK) (Bangladesh)

Garib Unnayan Sangstha (GUS) (Bangladesh)

GEPA (South Sudan)

Generations Without Qat (GWQ) (Yemen)

GHOLVI-ASBL (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Girls to Lead Africa (GTLA) (Uganda)

Global Initiative For Proper Parenting (GIFPP) (Nigeria)

Grassroots Development Initiatives Foundation-Kenya (Kenya)

Grassroots Movement for Health and Development (GMHD) (Malawi)

Great Commission Operation Mercy (GCOM) (South Sudan)

Groupe d’accompagnement des Maladies (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Groupe d’action de Paix et de formation pour la Transformation (GAPAFOT) (Central African Republic)

Groupe des Hommes Voués au Développement Intercommunautaire (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Gusoor Organization for Peace and Coexistence (GPC) (Yemen)

Harikar (Iraq)

Hayata Destek (Support to Life) (Turkey)

HEAL Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Health Link South Sudan (South Sudan)

Help Channel Burundi (Burundi)

Here Is Life (HIL) (Uganda)

Hope 360 Initiative For Peace (Hope360) (Nigeria)

Hope and Awareness Foundation (HAAF) (Nigeria)

Hope for Community Initiative (HCI) (South Sudan)

Horizons for Green Development (Jordan)

Human Health Aid (Burundi)

Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Centre (HRCRC) (Nigeria)

Human Rights Defenders Solidarity Networks (HRDSNET UGANDA LTD) (Uganda)

Human Rights Movement “Bir Duino-Kyrgyzstan” (Kyrgyz Republic)

Humana People to People Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Humane Mission Africa (HAM) (Uganda)

Humanitarian Aid International (India)

Humanitarian Development Consortium (South Sudan)

Humanitarian Relief and Development Council (HRDC) (Somalia)

Humanite Plus (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Hygiene et Environnement Communautaire au Congo (HECO) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

I CAN South Sudan (ICSS) (Uganda and South Sudan)

ISDE-Bangladesh (Bangladesh)

Integrated Child Service (ICS) (Uganda)

Integrated Volunteers Network (India)

Indonesian Society for Disaster Management (Indonesia)

Indonesian Student Association for International Studies (ISAFIS) (Indonesia)

INHURED International (Nepal)

Institut Bioforce (France)

Instituto da Infancia (Brazil)

Institute for Social and Economic Development Assistance (ISEDA – Public Fund) (Kyrgyz Republic)

Integrated Risk Management Associates (USA)

InterAid (Uganda)

Intercommunity Development Social Organisation (IDS) (Nigeria)

International Association of World Peace Advocates (IAWPA) (Kenya)

Iranian Lifequality Improvement Association (Iran)

Iraqi Institution for Development (IID) (Iraq)

Jabilia Rehabilitation Society (Occupied Palestinian Territory)

Jireh Doo Foundation (JDF) (Nigeria)

Jindal School of International Affairs (India)

Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities (Global)

Joint Strategy Team (JST) comprising of: Bridging Rural Integrated Development and Grassroot Empowerment (BRIDGE); Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC); Kachin Relief and Development Committee (KRDC); Kachin Women Association (KWA); Kachin Development Group (KDG); Karuna Mission Social Solidarity (KMSS); Metta Development Foundation (Metta); Nyein (Shalom) Foundation and Wunpawng Ninghtoi (WPN) (Myanmar)

JAGO NARI (Barguna Nari Jagaron Karmoshuchi) (Bangladesh)

Jordan Hashemite Charitable Organisation (Jordan)

Jordan Health Aid Society International (Jordan)

Jordan Paramedic Society (JPS) (Jordan)

Just Project International (Global)

Justice Development and Peace / Caritas Onitsha (JDPC ONITSHA) (Nigeria)

KALU Institute (Spain)

Kambia District Development and Rehabilitation Organisation (KADDRO) (Sierra Leone)

Kapoeta Development Initiative (KDI) (South Sudan)

Kaputir Resource Management Organization (KARMO) (Kenya)

Kelem Ethiopia (Ethiopia)

Kisima Peace and Development (Somalia)

Kitumaini Association for the Development of Health of the Mother and Infant (Democratic Republic of Congo)

La Generale d’assainissement et de protection de lenvironment du Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Lawyers for Human Rights (South Africa)

Lebanese Association for Human Promotion and Literacy (ALPHA) (Lebanon)

Legal Resources Centre (South Africa)

Libyan Humanitarian Relief Agency (Libya)

Life at Best Development Initiative (LABI) (Nigeria)

Life Concern (LICO) (Malawi)

Light Organization for Relief and Development- Africa (LFORD-AFRICA) (Uganda)

Livelihood Improvement Programme of Uganda (LIPRO) (Uganda)

Lizadeel (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Local Communities Development Initiative (LoC-Din) (Nigeria)

Lotus Kenya Action for Development Organization (LOKADO) (Kenya)

Lutheran World Service India Trust (India)

LVCT Health (Kenya)

Ma’akum Developmental Foundation (MDF) (Yemen)

Manna Development Agency (MADA) (Uganda & South Sudan)

Mavi Kalem Social Assistance and Charity Association (Turkey)

MAYANK Anti-Corruption Coalition (MACCO) (Uganda)

Menna Women’s Development Associates (MEWODA) (Sierra Leone)

Mercy Malaysia (Malaysia)

Mercy Vincent Foundation (MVF) (Nigeria)

MIDEFEHOPS (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Mirth-lass Initiative for Transformation (MIT) (South Sudan)

Mobile Humanitarian Agency (MHA) (South Sudan)

MONISHA (A Social and Human Development Organisation) (Bangladesh)

Moral and Charity Organization for Human Rights (MAC) (Iraq)

Moroto Nakapiripirit Religious Leaders Initiative for Peace (MONARLIP) (Uganda)

Mosala Group (Democratic Republic of Congo)

MUB – Home Foundation (Uganda)

Mukti Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh)

Mzimba Institute For Development Communications Trust (MIDCT) (Malawi)


Nahd Developmental Foundation (NDF) (Yemen)

Nakere Rural Women Activist (NARWOA) (Uganda)

National Humanitarian Network (Pakistan)

NPCYP (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Naseej for Development, Relief & Human Rights (NDRHR) (Yemen)

National Relief and Development Corps (NRDC) (South Sudan)

National Secretariat for Social Action (NASSA)/Caritas Philippines (Philippines)

New Life Charitable Trust (India)

Nile Hope (NH) (South Sudan)

Nkafamiya Rescue Mission (NRM) (Nigeria)

North-East Affected Area Development Society (NEADS) (India)

North East Youth Initiative for Development (NEYIF) (Nigeria)

Not1More (United Kingdom)

Nuba Foundation (NF) (South Sudan and Sudan (Nuba Mountains region))

Nuba Relief Rehabilitation and Development Organization (Kenya)

Oasis of Restoration Foundation (Nigeria)

OFADEC (Senegal)

Ohaha Family Foundation (Nigeria)

Omarang Charity Association for Multipurpose (South Sudan) 

Organisation of African Youth (OAY) (Kenya)

Organisation des Jeunes pour la Promotion des Initiatives Communautaires (OJPIC) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Organisation au Service d’Actions Humanitaires (OSAH) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

ONG Eau Vie Environnement (Senegal)

PACODEVI (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Palestinian Vision Organisation (PalVision) (Occupied Palestinian Territory)

PALM Corps (PC) (Uganda)

Pamoja Trust (Kenya)

Participatory Research Action Network (PRAN) (Bangladesh)

Partners in Community Transformation (PICOT) (Uganda)

Partnership for Faith & Development (Global)

Pastoralist Girls Initiative (PGI) (Kenya)

Pastoralist Integrated Support Programme (PISP) (Kenya)

Pentecostal Church Development and Relief Agency (PCDRA) (South Sudan)

People Empowering People (PEP) (Uganda)

People’s Disaster Risk Reduction Network, inc. (PDRRN) (Philippines)

People’s Federation for National Peace and Development (PEFENAP) (Malawi)

People’s Initiative Development Organization (PIDO) (South Sudan)

Pilgrims of Hope (POH) (South Sudan)

Poorvanchal Gramin Vikas Sansthan (PGVS) (India)

Positive Attitude to Life Initiative (PALI) (Nigeria)

PRISNA (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Programme d’Appui au développement des Populations forestières (PAP-RDC) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Programme de Promotion des Soins de Santé Primaire (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Programme for Helpless And Lagged Societies (PHALS) (Bangladesh)

 Propel Accurate Community Empowerment Initiatives (PACEI) (Uganda)

PRO-VIDA, Asociacion Salvadorena de Ayuda Humanitaria (El Salvador)

Psychiatric Care Developmental Foundation (PCF) (Yemen)

Public Foundation “Bio Service” (Kyrgyz Republic)

Public Fund “Mehr Shavkat” (Kyrgyz Republic)

Rakai Counsellors’ Association (RACA) (Uganda)

Ranaw Disaster Response and Rehabilitation Assistance Center (Philippines)

Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) (Uganda)

Rebuild Hope for Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo)

REDESO (Tanzania)

REACH-Rehabilitation, Education and Community Health (Iraq)

Refugees Active Peace Building Initiative (RAPBI) (Uganda)

Refugee-Led Organization Network (RELON) (Uganda)

Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon (REWAC) (Cameroon)

Refugee Women Organization (REWO) (Uganda)

Relief, Reconstruction and Development Organization (RRDO) (Kenya)

Réponse aux Catastrophes et aux Initiatives de Développement (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Research and Development Foundation (RDF) (Pakistan)

Réseau de Coopération pour la Transparence et la lutte contre la Corruption (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Rhema Foundation (REFO) (Uganda)

Riamiriam Civil Society Network Karamoja (RCSN-K) (Uganda)

Rock Centre Asbl (Democratic Republic of Congo)

RONHD (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Rural Agency for Community Development & Assistance (RACIDA) (Kenya & Somalia)

Rural Community Development Society (RCDS) (Pakistan)

Rural Initiative Alliance for Development (RIAD) (Uganda)

Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment West Nile (Uganda)

Rural Women Development Society (RWDS) (Palestine)

Samudaik Kalyan Evam Vikas Sansthan (India)

Sangathita Gramunnyan Karmasuchi / Organized Village Development Program (SANGRAM) (Bangladesh)

Sante et Developpement (Democratic Republic of Congo)

SAR Peru- Salvamento, Auxilió y Rescate (Peru)

Save Humanity Africa (SHA) (Uganda)

Sawa for Development and Aid (Lebanon)

SDGs Kenya Forum (Kenya)

Seeds India (India)

Sentro para sa Ikauunlad ng Katutubong Agham at
Teknolohiya Inc./Center for the Development of Indigenous Science and Technology (SIKAT) (Philippines)

Settlement Council of Australia (Australia)

Signature Research Centre (Rwanda)


Shabab Peace and Environment Action Group (SPEAK) (Uganda)

Shafak (Syria – registered Gaziantep, Turkey)

Shaik Tahir Azzawi Charity Organization (Libya)

Shaml Coalition (Syria-registered in Gaziantep, Turkey)

Shar for Development (Syria)

SHARP – Pakistan Society for Human Rights and Prisoners’ Aid (Pakistan)

Shoola-Kol (Public Association) (Kyrgyz Republic)

SHSA (India)

SKS Foundation (SKS) (Bangladesh)

Smile Again Africa Development Organization (South Sudan)

Snazzy Hope Foundation (SHF) (Nigeria)

Society Voice Foundation (Occupied Palestinian Territory)

SOCOAC (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Solidarité Chrétienne pour les Urgences et le Développement (SOCRUD-RDC) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Somali Rural Development Organisation (SRDO) (Somalia)

Sorouh for Sustainable Development Foundation (Iraq)

SORUDA (Uganda)

South Sudan Grassroots Initiative for Development (SSGID) (South Sudan)

Spectrum – Sustainable Development Knowledge Network (SDKN) (Myanmar)

START Network (Global)


Stand for Change and Unity (SCU) (Uganda)

Steps to Life Nigeria (STLN) (Nigeria)


Strategies for Northern Development  (Kenya)

Strengthening Participatory Organisation (Pakistan)

Sudan Evangelical Mission (SEM) (South Sudan)

Sue Ryder Foundation in Malawi (SRFIM) (Malawi)

Support Agency for Sustainable Living (SASUL) (Uganda)

Support for Peace and Education Development Program (SPEDP) (South Sudan and Uganda)

Support Yemeni Society Organization for Development (SYS) (Yemen)

Sustainable Approaches for Community Empowerment (SAPCONE) (Kenya And Ethiopia)

Syria Relief (Syria-registered in the UK)

Taakulo Somali Community (Somalia)

Tagore Society For Rural Development (TSRD) (India)

Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF) (Yemen)

The Big Smile (TBS) (Nigeria)

The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (Australia)

The Organisation for Children’s Harmony (TOCH) (South Sudan and Uganda)

The Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA-Uganda) (Uganda)

The Victim Relief Alliance (TVRA) (Uganda)

TINADA Youth Organization (TiYO) (Kenya)

Titi Foundation (South Sudan)

Touch Africa Now (TAN) (Uganda)

Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation (TPO) Uganda (Uganda)

TrioDuol Multipurpose Cooperative Society (TDMC Society) (Nigeria)

Turkana Bio Aloe Organization (TUBAE) (Kenya)

Turkana Brilliant Psychotherapy Services (TBPS) (Kenya)

Turkana Christian Development Mission (TCDM) (Kenya)

Turkana Pastoralist Development Organisation (TUPADO) (Kenya)

Udyama (India)

Ukraine NGO Forum (Ukraine)

Uganda Land Owners Association (ULOA) (Uganda)

Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF) (Uganda)

UNASO (Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organization) (Uganda)

Union Paysanne pour le Développement Rural Intégré (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Union pour la Promotion, la Défense des Droits Humains et de l’Environnement  (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Universal Network for Child Defence Rights (UNCDR) (South Sudan)

Universal Network for Knowledge and Agency (South Sudan)

Universal Just and Action Society (India)

Village Community Development Initiatives (VILDEV) (Nigeria)

Vision for Humanity (ViFoH) (Uganda)

Volunteer Corps Nepal (Nepal)

Volunteer Efforts for Development Concerns (Uganda)

Wajir South Development Association (WASDA) (Kenya)

Waves of Success Foundation (WSF) (Nigeria)

West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre (WYEC) (Uganda)

White Life (Democratic Republic of Congo)

White Smile NGO (Turkey)

Womankind Kenya (WOKIKE) (Kenya)

Women Aid Vision (WAV) (South Sudan)

Women’s Action for Self Empowerment (WASE) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC) (Occupied Palestinian Territory)

Women’s Forum for Human Rights and Democracy-Sierra Leone (WOFHRAD-SL) (Sierra Leone)

Women and Children in Support of Community Development Initiative (WOCCI) (Nigeria)

Women in Humanitarian Response in Nigeria Initiative (Nigeria)

Women For Peace and Development – Mandera (WFPD) (Kenya)

Women Now, for Development (Lebanon/Turkey)

Women’s Right to Education Programme (Nigeria)

Women Vision (WV) (South Sudan)

World Voices Uganda (WVU) (Uganda)

Ydeborahs Foundation (West Africa, various locations)

Yemeni Development Network for NGOs (YDN) (Yemen)

Yo’ Care South Sudan (YOCASS) (South Sudan)

Young Aid International Humanitarian Organization (YAI) (Nigeria)

Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) (Bangladesh)

Young Women Creating Opportunities and Networks for Economic Transformation (YWCONECT) (Uganda)

Youth Camp Africa (YCA) (Uganda)

Youth Changers Kenya (YCK) (Kenya)

Youth and Community Development Organisation (YouthCode) (Malawi)

Youth Empowerment Center (YEC) (Occupied Palestinian Territory)

Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) (Malawi)

Youth Social Advocacy Team (YSAT) (Uganda and South Sudan)

Youth Leadership Forum and Giving Back Movement (Indonesia)

Zanjireh Omid International Charity Institute (Iran)

Zion Emergency and Disaster Rescue Unit (ZEDRU) (Philippines)

Zomba Vocational Training Centre (ZVTC) (Malawi)

*Any Southern-based National or Local Organisation working in the humanitarian sector can endorse the Charter, the process is open to all reflecting the ever expanding humanitarian ecosystem.

**For region-wise categorisation of Charter for Change Endorsers, see here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OgItvvXyxtL2gyya5-9d9qImb_TC0YkH/view?usp=sharing  

38 thoughts on “Endorsements

    1. HRDSNET UGANDA is very pleased to be part of the national endorsers for C4C but have not been into partnership with international partners and we hope in year 2022 we shall find a partner to operate in Africa. Thank you and God Bless the project


  1. OCAM is very pleased to be part of the national endorsers for C4C but have not been into partnership with international partners and we hope in year 2020 OCAM shall find a partner to operate in Nuba Mountains and South Blue State Sudan.

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  2. Solidarité Chrétienne pour les Urgences et le Développement (SOCRUD-RDC, Asbl), (République Démocratique du Congo)


    1. This is a good and so need support from many of civil society organizations


  3. We the Community Empowerment Network Anambra State (COMEN) Nigeria hereby endorse Charter4Change


  4. Indigenous Resource Management Organization-IREMO. Localization is the way to go, we fully support the C4C agenda.


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